Sofie is 6!?!

This is so late. Birthday blogs are so important to me, to give to my girls, and this is almost a month late. Sorry future Sofie. This time of my life is so busy. I am assured it will get easier eventually!
Here is your 6th Birthday Post!!!

I can’t even wrap my mind around how she is already 6.

6 seems like a big one to me. I’m actually having a hard time with it. 6 is a big kid!

First morning picture, complete with whining.

I’m so proud of my 6 year old and amazed by what she accomplishes every day… well at least most days 😉

She is a spit fire of a kid and keeps us on our toes. She loves to laugh and keep us smiling with her often. She has such joy that just emanates out of her. She adores music and dances every single day, probably every single hour. Her favourite thing in the world right now is Frozen. She knows all the words to the movie, the soundtrack and sings it all loudly and proudly. She asks for “Elsa show” and signs for music or show every day after school. Some days it’s cuter than others 😉

Sofie’s skills and abilities are at an all time high! She is saying so many words now and tells us many stories… though I can still only pick out a few words from her long monologues. She understands most of what I say to her (receptive communication) but is still working on getting her point across with her verbal communication. She can do three word sentences now but uses two words mostly. She can put her jacket and rain boots on by herself. She is getting better at putting her shirts and pants on solo too. She knows about half of her letter and can count to 6 reliably. She also can spell her name verbally! She is also learning her colours. Purple is her favourite!

Sofie is my cuddle bug. She always wants us to sit with her or “sleep” with her. She plays with our hair and pets our face. I love how she tries to copy the way I squish my nose when I smile. She is so purposeful about it and makes sure I notice. I also love her eye lash and eskimo kisses she gives me when I cuddle with her before bed.

She loves baby dolls and the ‘idea’ of her little sister. They can be best friends and worst enemies. Sofie has actually been amazing putting up with Evelyn’s antagonizing. Sofie does her fair share of instigating too. Developmentally they are closer to each other now than Livi and Sofie are. I love seeing them together though. All three of them are truly each others best friends. Tonight Sofie was learning how to play hide and seek with Livi. She LOVED it and Evie chased behind them giggling. 

Sofie got three birthday celebrations this year.  On the day we gave her the bean bag chair from Jon and I. She loved it. On the following Friday Jon’s sister and brother in law came for a visit from the Island with Gramma, so we had cake then. She was so perfect with the cake…

Then on the next Monday we had a big whole class birthday party. I was a little nervous about this. When we decided to invite the whole class I was scared either no one would come or everyone would come. Well everyone came… 19 out of 25 anyway! It worked out well. Lots of chaos but lots of joy. Sofie LOVED the attention. Elsa made an appearance. Sofie was a little afraid of her at first 🙂

We hired a friend to come and do a music class and the kids had a blast. They kept talking about how fun the music and dancing was 🙂 The party finished a little faster than I had planned. The kids whipped through all the planned activities faster than I had thought so they kind of wrecked my house for the last half hour. I’ll have to remember that for any future parties that we have! 

My sister made the cake of course. Gorgeous. 

Sofie was in heaven with all the attention. She handled the chaos amazingly and didn’t try to rock until 15 minutes before the party ended! All her classmates were so beautiful with her. They truly treated her as a peer and loved helping her open each of their presents. It was kind of amazing to watch. 
Happy Birthday my angel! You are such a light in our family and I can’t imagine any of us with out you. We love you!

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