Quick Takes

I suck at blogging lately. I’m just too busy. So I’m going to put a glimpse of my life in to point form…

– The girls are off on their summer vacation two weeks early. There is a teacher strike in the province where we live and it is a big mess. The end of this year is a write off. I’m just praying that it is resolved before September.

– We were so happy with the girls Kindergarten years! They were both so successful! Their teachers were so wonderful!

– Despite Sports day being cancelled because of the strike the kindergarten teachers put on a fun day for the kids! They loved it πŸ™‚

– We have some awesome summer plans that I’m excited about! Camping for a week, going to Alberta to visit friends and Drumheller (the Dinosaur museum)! It will be a lot of work but worth it all!

– Evie is finally starting to talk more! She is almost 18 months old and has close to 10 solid words but is trying to talk so much more too! A big part of helping her speech along is the music class we had her in. It was the same one that helped Sofie. Evie was very shy in class but at the end of the 10 weeks she did start venturing out more. We did see the benefits at home though!

– Sofie is having some behaviours but I’m hoping it is just the excitement and uncertainty about the end of school.

– We had a very sick, germ, anti-biotic filled winter and spring. There was a lot of puke. Livi had a terrible flu. Evie has had tonsillitis a few times too. I’m hoping we are over it and never have a year like that again! If Evie gets tonsillitis again we will be getting a referral to an ENT.

– We’ve done some yard work this spring and took three huge trees down on our property. It was a lot of work to get things back to a usable condition! Loving our back yard again though!

– Jon was asked, or almost begged, to come work in another region as a supervisor. He is only there temporarily but it is a nice little ego boost and great experience. The negative affect though is he is gone before the girls get up in the morning and not home until just before Evelyn goes to bed. The girls and I are starting to really miss him!

– Livi had her final preschool swim lessons and passed with flying colours! Sofie also had some private swim lessons and loved them! She is way more independent in the water now too! SO proud of my girls!

– Evie LOVES the outside and this nicer weather. She is outside as much as possible and is really enjoying the water table we got her for the deck.

– Jon and I got to have a night away at a nice hotel. It was heaven. We got to do some much needed reconnecting and it was magical πŸ™‚

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