The R Word

When you say someone or something is a “retard” or “retarded” you are using a derogatory term insinuating that what or who you are talking about is stupid, slow, ridiculous, crazy, disabled, uncool, etc…

The word comes from a medical term still used occasionally to describe my daughter’s extra chromosome and other’s intellectual disabilities.  Basically, when you use the r-word, you are saying something is “stupid… like Sofie”.


I cringe at the knowledge that Sofie and her sisters will understand what that word means one day. They will know that whatever or whoever is being talked about is “ridiculous like Sofie”. They have already heard it. Right now, my girls can’t imagine anyone associating Sofie with being anything less than incredible. As family, friends, thoughtful human beings and people who love and respect Sofie, can you help us to keep that heart-crushing day from coming.

Pledge to end the r-word with us.

Obviously we know that Sofie is anything but stupid or ridiculous. She has been through and overcome more in her short life than most adults have. She works hard everyday and comes up against challenges she has to overcome hourly. She is someone to look up too, not down on.

Lets respect everyone.


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