Sofie’s 7th Birthday!

Sofie is 7. How the heck did that happen?!
(I did start this on her birthday but have no time or energy to blog anymore! Hopefully I can find time for it again.Sorry it’s so late!)


The frail, sickly 3.5 year old that we brought home has vanished.

She is alive, vibrant and triumphant! She is such a wonderful, vivacious child. I’m so blessed to be her Mommy!



Her personality is infectious. Going places with her is kind of like being in the company of a rockstar. Livi has learned the meaning of the word ‘popular’ because of her. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing…


She is loving school and works hard at her words and writing but it is slow coming right now. She can now trace and verbally spell her name though! She goes in to the classroom with her thermos almost totally independently now, hanging up her jacket and backpack on her own. She still needs help with her shoes and some prompting but it’s coming! Socially, Sofie is doing great! She has real friends and has a best friend at school who is a complete little gem and Sofie loves her. It warms my heart. I was so worried about her making friends.


Sofie loves playing with hair, the longer the hair the better. I have very long hair right now and love relaxing with her while she plays with my hair. Most of the time she is really gentle 😉 She still loves dancing and music. We have dance parties numerous times a week. I think Taylor Swift is still her favourite but most Pop music will do!


She has so many words now and we are seeing the beginning of conversations with her. Her EA at school works on sign language with her too. I’m not so great at it but do see it helping her communicate! As her communication keeps expanding I really see her maturing. A few months ago Evelyn and Sofie were developmentally equal but Sofie has jumped ahead again!


Her favourite foods are tortellini alfredo and ice cream. She will eat veggies, and most fruit and nuts without a thought now so I don’t worry so much about her nutrition. That is a huge advancement over the last 2 years!


Sofie is doing so well developmentally and behaviourally. It’s amazing really. She still has her days, a few a week actually, but we are all working hard and together 🙂 I can’t wait to see how far she’s come by next year!


Happy Birthday Sofie! You are a miracle!


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