Livi is 7!

My first born turned 7 on last week. How did that happen?


I know it’s cliche but seriously… Don’t Blink. Ever.


There is so much beauty in her little soul. Her heart is gentle and kind. She finds joy in the little things. She has a fierce love for her sisters and is a wonderful teacher and protector for them. She is responsible, thoughtful and helpful beyond compare. Most of the time she is eager to help me with almost anything. She has such a servants heart. Sometimes I have to remind her who the Momma is, but other times she recognizes that I might be struggling with any of the numerous things us mothers struggle with, and redirects “the sisters”, as she calls them, or offers to clean something for me. She is intuitive and thoughtful. Her mind is open to new ideas but she knows what she believes and what she wants to believe, doubt is creeping in about the Easter Bunny though.


She is quieter and more private in nature than I am so I am  learning to be more careful with what I share on FaceBook and on my blog about her. She is very much like her Daddy in that way. Their minds are really quite similar too. They both internally process and have a very logical, matter of fact way of thinking. She has my emotional tendencies though and articulates them well. I think if she can develop these two parts of her and figure out how to make them jive she is going to be able to do amazing things in her life.


She loves horses, collecting rocks, unicorns and mermaids. She will wear a dress everyday if they are clean. Her favourite shows on Netflix right now are Richie Rich and a teen mermaid show… I can’t remember the name. She loves riding her bike and playing with her friends. She can make macaroni for dinner and bake her Oma’s platz all by herself. She likes secret quiet places, dogs and getting dirty. Swimming is another love of hers. She got really good at it this year too. Reading is a novelty that she likes, as long as it isn’t too challenging. Perfectionism is a bit of an issue for her so if something is too hard she’d rather not do it. We are working with her to help her overcome this.


She has discovered a love for essential oils, meditation and yoga. I need to help her develop these in her a little more. My little girl is turning in to such a hippie and I love it. Wild orange is her favourite oil. She does guided meditation frequently at the end of the day and her favourite yoga moves are anything that helps her stretch her body out.


At 54lbs and 4’1 I think she is stunningly beautiful. I pray that she always thinks that about herself. I’m already seeing glimpses in to our life with her as a teenager. It’s incredible and scary to see 😉


My compassionate little hippie made me a Momma 7 years ago and it one of the things that I am most thankful for in my life. Being a Mommy is wonderful. Being her Mommy is a gift.

DSC_0243 DSC_0222

Happy Birthday Livi! You are still and will alway be my Goober 😉


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