Monkey’s and Government Jobs!

With the warmer weather we were having, I’m constantly being reminded what a little Dare Devil I have for a child! She is taking years off my life daily! How do parents live past 40?

Sitting on the toddler slide before the “incident”

She climbs everything! It terrifies me. We don’t have stairs in our apartment, so she has had limited practice climbing things. She has no fear… so limited practice and no fear, scares Mommy!

We were at the park, as we have been on most sunny days recently. Instead of placidly playing on the toddler slide, or even the middle sized slide, she headed for the big kids slide that is taller than me and has a five foot, near verticle drop! Since I had been on the other side of the jungle gym, I had to run through the obstacles, yelling at her to stop, only to get there just in time to catch her flying down head first!

Walking on the balance beam!

At Jude’s 2nd birthday party, I was getting tired of my stomach jumping every time she walked up and down the patio stairs so I put a box in front of them to keep her on the deck. Before I knew it she had climbed over the box and was dangling over the edge to drop down on to the tiny lip left on the other side. If I hadn’t gotten too her in time and she had dropped, she would have tumble backwards down the wood stairs on to the concrete! She has NO FEAR! Is this normal?

Having a moment with a chocolate cake 🙂
Kisses for Daddy!
We’ve had some big exciting news that I haven’t blogged about yet! Although, I did announce it on Facebook. Jon got the permanent position at work! Yay for government jobs! Security! The Collective Agreement on the table says that permanent staff can’t even be laid off! Government perks! Flex days, vacation, travel benefits, training, etc…! Government benefits! 80-100% benefits on a lot of things that is fully paid for by CLBC! Raises every six months for the first two years and every year after that (for five more years I think)! I feel so blessed. Is it wrong for me to think that we’ve paid our dues and it’s about time! I really am very thankful to everyone who sent prayers or happy thoughts and all that 🙂 Thank you!
This doesn’t change our decision to move to Chilliwack instead of buying a house though. We’ve been asked about that a lot. We still are excited to have the close support for when we are bringing our second baby home and the money we’ll be able to save. It is the right decision.
I love these two Goobers!

2 thoughts on “Monkey’s and Government Jobs!

  1. LeAnna (and David) says:

    I think it's pretty normal for young kids to be fearless. Have you tried bubble-wrapping her?

    Fantastic, FANTASTIC news about Jon's job. I am so happy for you guys–and I too felt it was about friggin' time! 🙂


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