Maggy’s Tattoo!

For years now, Maggy has wanted a tattoo. For her 42nd birthday my sister Vanessa and I decided to give her one! I know that this may seem to some people as a bit of a controversial thing to do, but I have different thoughts on the subject. 

I think more often than not people view people with disabilities in terms of what they can’t do or what they need help doing. They view them as unable or ill-equipped to make many of their own decisions. I would like to challenge anybody reading this to start thinking of those who may be “differently-abled” than themselves in terms of what they can do, first and foremost. I think that if we would rethink the way we view those who seem weaker than ourselves, we would see a lot more independence and self-value in those that apparently can’t do for themselves. 

Although Maggy has Down Syndrome and is developmentally delayed in some areas, it does not change the fact that she is a 42 year old woman who has the right and dignity to succeed or to fail at the things she wants to try. My job as her sister, friend and caregiver is to support her decisions and help her where she needs a little extra help, or where she asks for it. It has been said that Maggy is developmentally between 4 and 8 years old, and no I would not let my eight year old child get a tattoo… but Maggy is not 8. She is 42 with the rights of a 42 year old. 

We discussed and explained all the risks and implications of getting a tattoo to Maggy. We had trial runs with sticker tattoo’s and those 2 week Playland tattoos. She has come with us to see us get tattoos and knows the difference. She wanted a real one! We weren’t sure if she would go through with it once she really felt the pain, but that was her risk to take. Worst case scenario was that she only had part of a tattoo… oh well 🙂 She wanted to try. She had our support to get her through the painful parts and was so proud of herself when it was finished! I was pretty proud of her too 🙂 

Maggy told us that she wanted a bear tattoo… so we showed her 
some different pictures and she picked one.

Getting ready!

Taking a break
She watched every minute of getting the tattoo.

Maggy is so hardcore! 
Posing with Danno her tattoo artist with the completed product!
When she was done she was asking for another one on her other shoulder!

A close up of the tattoo she chose 🙂 I think it completely suits her!

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