What If…

These questions have caused quite a stir on my Facebook status so I thought I’d post some of them here too, just to maybe get people to think a little bit. I’ll eventually get a post done about what my theology is around it all but for now I’ll just let you ponder these….
What if the church needed to change?

What if the parables of Jesus were speaking against religion?

What if Christianity was about the end of religion and score keeping and judging and shaming?

What if Christianity was not about morality at all?

What if instead of trying to make bad people good it was trying to reveal that good people are the same as bad people?

What if God was never disappointed in us?

What if the world wasn’t going to hell?

What if salvation included people outside of Christianity?

What if the church accepted everyone?

What if the church didn’t kick people out?

What if culture was to be embraced rather than avoided?

What if how people treated people was more important than what we believed?

One thought on “What If…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love these questions; I think teh church does need to re-evaluate it's perspective. I have attended the united church and I see some of these questions addressed there.


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