Stressed Out

I’m feeling a little stressed out with life right now. I know that it is understandable with everything going on and I was even expecting it, but it still doesn’t make things easier. I’m going to take a minute to vent about everything. I’m big in to verbal processing 🙂

The biggest thing on my mind right now is the fact that our condo hasn’t sold yet. Our realtor doesn’t think that it is not a problem with our place or the price, just the real estate market. No comparable condo’s have sold since we’ve listed. I’m starting to get quite worried about it though. We have committed to moving in July and I don’t relish the thought of paying for two places. The plan was to move in order to save money, not max ourselves out! Now I’m starting to think about cutting the price… but how much do we drop it. We were already just going to be able to break even. If we lower the price, we’ll be taking a financial hit!

The house issue is worrying me a bit more this month because of all the extra bills we have paid off this week. We had to pay a $1200 tax bill that I didn’t realize we had because I forgot to claim some income of Jon’s. It may end up being more too because of possible interest. I also paid a $600 property tax bill. Plus I bought a new kitchen table and chairs… okay that one was an un-necessary expense, but it is really pretty 🙂 The chairs we have are not safe any longer and I got the table and chairs for the price of just the chairs! The expense of moving is looming at the back of my mind too. We’ll do it all ourselves, with friends, but we still have to rent a truck and buy lunch and beer for our helpers!

I’ve had a lot of paperwork that I am putting off right now too. I’m good at procrastinating those things. A letter is due for the Chosen Children CRA application, student loan paperwork is due, all the changes of address stuff needs to be started, some more forms will need to be completed in a few weeks for our dossier,  a bank account needs to be started for Chosen Children, and I’m still trying to figure stuff out with that tax bill that I just paid!

All of this needs to be attended too, plus stuff I’m sure I am forgetting, while keeping the house clean, in case we have any showings, keeping Livi entertained, feeding my family (we’ve been eating out a lot this month, not good for my financial worries!), trying to be a good wife and friend, and working way more than I usually do (four shifts this week alone!).

I don’t think I’ve been the best at juggling everything very well. I’m feeling drained most days and I’m getting pretty snappy too. I’m sure Jon is not appreciating that very much. I know that things are not as big as I am making them but I can’t help but worry sometimes! So, now I’m procrastinating even more by letting Livi watch cartoons and writing on the blog!

Okay, I’m done venting… and I need to get ready for work 😦 I know this will pass and I will prioritize and get everything done. I always do! If you are the praying kind though, could you pray that our place sells… NOW! Thanks 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stressed Out

  1. LeAnna (and David) says:

    Moving is always stressful, and you have a bunch of other stuff on top of it. So this is all normal! And I am certain that it will all work out and in a few months you'll slowly forget it.

    Until then, good luck 🙂


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