Brag Post!

I need to take a minute and celebrate how amazing my daughter is. It is true that she has entered her Terrible Twos. Tantrums, “NO!”, ignoring Mommy and Daddy and manic mood swings are now becoming normal in our house hold. But, with these dark, “what was I on when I decided to have a child” moments comes leaps and bounds in her development that I am completely enjoying.

On Wednesday, Livi learned how to jump off a step with two feet and land with two feet. This takes a lot of concentration and balance for her but she was so proud of herself! I was pretty proud of her too 🙂

On Saturday, she counted to 10, then on Sunday, she went to 13! This is so crazy to me because we have just been concentrating on getting to 3! Jon’s mom had been babysitting her and said that she had done this. I passed it off as a Grandma thinking her grand-baby is a genius and believed she really didn’t do it. Then, on Sunday, she was counting the steps at a party we were at, very clearly! Numerous people heard her. Kids are such sponges… NEVER underestimate them! She does tend to prefer to start her epic counting sessions at 3 or 4 for we are working on that 🙂

Her vocabulary is incredible. She can almost have a real conversation. She can even answer questions about what she did yesterday, or what she saw. Before, we’d always have to prompt her or only get a response about what she had just immediately seen. I had asked her what she did on the weekend with Daddy while I was away and she told me “fun at Gramma’s”. She loves talking on the phone now too… probably because she sees me doing it so much. She has a little trouble holding a conversation on it though and tends to just babble a lot. She also sings along to the ipod or television, even if she doesn’t know the words. It is pretty cute.

My tom-boy, dirty, dare devil is developing her feminine side a lot more lately too. She has become quite the little accessorizer. Jon has a necklace that he wears frequently, so she wants to wear a necklace too. She will keep it on for the entire day too. I do get a little worried about it though, because it is too big for her, I don’t want it to get caught while she is playing. I put my wedding ring on for the first time in months and then she wanted one too. I found a toe ring that could fit her and she wore it for an hour. She asks me to put nail polish on her, or to cut her nails. She wears sunglasses on her face and in her hair like Mommy, and asked for earrings! Daddy said no 🙂

Okay, that’s all I can think of at the moment. She should be getting up from her nap soon anyway. I’ll add some picture on here tomorrow. I also have to post about my fun girls night in Victoria! Check back soon 🙂

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