I’m so behind in my blogging. I have so much going on and I want to write about everything but I just don’t have the time! I’ll start with my trip to Victoria and see how far I get.

For Mother’s Day my sister and I decided to treat my mom to a night in Victoria… accompanied by us of course! The weather was BEAUTIFUL! The conversation was fabulous and inappropriate, and there was lots of laughter, shopping and walking! My mom had a blast remembering all the times that she had been to Victoria before and regaled us with stories from when she was younger… some that we didn’t need to know 🙂

I don’t remember ever being to the Royal BC Museum. I know, crazy right? I live only a few hours away and have never been in my remembered years. It was pretty interesting. During our shopping that day I found Gray Monks Gamay Noir! Jon and I have been searching for this wine for years! We tried it at the Gray Monk winery three years ago and they have been sold out ever since. We’ve never found a store that carries it either. Since we were walking I was limited to only buying three bottles.

We ate delicious pasta lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory and enjoyed some late night drinks and ogling at a local hot spot (can’t remember the name). Vanessa especially, really enjoyed the view. *wink*  We then took a stroll along the boardwalk as the last of the buskers were packing up and Vanessa and I played with the different settings and effects on our cameras 🙂

I was so tired that night and didn’t even remember hearing my mom have a shower. The lights were still on! I wish I could fall asleep that easily every night! The next day included a trip to the Caradoch Castle, which was beautiful and filled with history. I loved it! Then… more shopping! I found the cutest bamboo outfit for Livi that I got from a guy who had been adopted at 10 years old from Czech! We had a wonderful little discussion about our upcoming adoption and his experiences. We were with Vanessa-the-Christmas-whore, so of course we also had to stop at the Christmas store. That place is way to overstimulating for me and uptight! They had hundreds of signs with tons of rules up everywhere. It was way overkill and slightly offensive. I had to leave after I bought the old fashioned tinsel that I have wanted for years! My mother-in-law has some and I’ve wanted it since I’ve seen hers!

We were tired from all of our walking, shopping and exploring and noticed if we hurried we could catch an earlier ferry than we were planning. After a few tense moments and rushing down the ferry halls we were on our way home. We had fun and it was really nice to get out without the boys or baby for a night!

I’ll end with Victoria now and try to write a belated Father’s Day post soon so I can gush about what a wonderful husband and baby daddy I have!

3 thoughts on “Victoria

  1. LeAnna (and David) says:

    makes me miss home 🙂 Out of all the places I've lived, only Cambridge comes close to comparing with Victoria. I love it so much–glad you had fun on your day.

    And the RBCM is fantastic!!! I can't believe you'd not been there before. I would live in it if I could.

    fyi–every year they do a 'tourist in your own town' thing where you can get discounted admission into places (if you buy the ticket pack. it used to be a really good price). My family did it every year and it's a great way to see all the neat museums and heritage sites in the city. So when livi is a bit older…


  2. Katie says:

    wow, that sounds like SO much fun! I am so jealous 🙂
    I especially love your description of your sister as the “christmas whore” ahahahhahaha!!!!


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