Belated Father’s Day

Father’s Day came and went with little acknowledgement for Jon. I dropped the ball a little 😦 Understandably, I had been extremely busy with work Thursday night, Victoria Friday and Saturday, work again Sunday morning, an engagement party Sunday afternoon (Yay Geoff and Melissa!) and work again on Monday!

I was exhausted and knew I would be slightly unavailable so Livi and I got him a present instead…Livi helped me choose out a new wedding/family ring! A few years ago Jon lost his real wedding ring! He had to take it off for working in the workshop and through taking it on and off every day, it got lost in the shuffle. I’m a very understanding wife 🙂 We didn’t replace it with anything too expensive, as we are really trying to be good with our spending, but I think it is really nice.

So, what can I say about my wonderful husband and fabulous baby Daddy?

Our relationship has evolved a lot this past year. We have each changed as individuals and grown in maturity and respect for each others differences. He is so supportive, genuine, and committed. I love him a lot and respect him as a man who should be looked up too. Growing up, I never thought I’d be able to say that about a man, let alone a man I was with!

Jon is an amazing, devoted father who would do anything for his little girl. He changes her diapers, plays with her, feeds her, cooks with her (not just for her), comforts her when she cries, bathes her, puts her to sleep almost every night, and plays her the guitar at her beckon call. We agree fully on how we parent her. I don’t think we’ve ever had a real disagreement when it comes to how we are raising her. How did I get so lucky?  Livi adores him just as much. She wakes him up from naps with kisses on the cheeks and eggs him on to tickle or chase her as only a little imp can 🙂 When she has had enough tickles or is tired of being bugged by him (which he is entirely too good at) she mimics Mommy by annoyingly saying “Joooon!” It is super cute.

Basically, all of this is to say a Happy Belated Father’s Day to my sexy husband and father to my child! I couldn’t do it with out you! Thank you for always being there for us. You’re girls love you lots!

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