Adoption Update!

We got word that our Homestudy is ready and has been sent to our agency for finalization. It will be a few more days before it is officially approved and mailed out to us to sign. We’ve finished all the documents on our side yesterday and today and will have them ready to mail back with our signed Homestudy!

We went to get our Doctor forms finished and signed yesterday. Have I mentioned that we have an awesome Doctor? He hasn’t charged us for an forms! We’ve had at least six forms filled out by him! I think they about $50 each. He has saved us nearly $300! We will pick up our Criminal Record Checks in a day. Assuming everything is filled out properly, that is it! Our Dossier should be ready to send to Ottawa for legalization and authentication in 2 weeks! Then it goes to Bulgaria! (I think).

What’s next? Well, assuming everything goes well we should get accepted by the Bulgaria Central Authority/MOJ and added to the Adopting Parents Registry in less than two months. We are hoping to get word that we are accepted by the end of August. It would be a great thing to add to our list of celebrations in August! Hopefully we get the right proposal shortly after 🙂 We are hoping to have made a decision for who we are going to adopt in September! August would be better! 🙂 Once we have accepted a proposal we travel approximately two months later! We could meet our baby girl before Christmas! What an amazing Christmas present! Two months after the first trip we get to bring her home!!! I could be a mother of two in 8 months!

The timeline I just gave is assuming there are no snags and everything goes smoothly, which I really am counting on. But, there is huge potential for any number of things to go wrong. Please pray, or whatever you do, that we can bring our daughter home very soon!

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