I’m fighting a cold. My throat hurts. My arms feel week and shaky. My nose is dripping and making me cough incessantly. It is the weekend so I’ve been taking it easy and really trying to get better before another busy week starts. My life does NOT allow for time to be sick. On top of being a mom and my children always wanting something from me, we have an average of 2 appointments each day Monday to Thursday! How did my life get this busy?

Monday, I’m starting a new job! I was hired privately to work on some goals and life skills with a little girl with Aspergers. It will be the first time I’m working out of the home in over a year. I hope it works out because it will help a bit with the finances and I think I will have fun. It is only two 2 hour days a week. Pretty perfect to fit in to my schedule. My mom will help out with childcare but if anyone knows of a really amazing teenager in my area let me know!

In other exciting news… We bought a house! It isn’t a done deal by any means. It is subject to us selling our home, so PLEASE pray that happens quickly. We didn’t have any immediate plans too move and don’t necessarily have to right now but I just happened upon MLS one night when I couldn’t sleep. I found some homes that potentially met our “must haves” and we decided to check them out. Our must have list includes four bedrooms for us and a three bedroom above ground suite for my mom with little to no stairs. I needed a play area in the house for the girls and a bit of a yard in a safe neighborhood, preferably not a busy street. So, the home we made the offer on is brand spanking new house in an older but well kept neighborhood. The yard is MUCH smaller than our current one but that is typical for yards these days. There is a park right around the corner. It doesn’t have a third bedroom in the suite but we can easily put one in ourselves. I guess we’ll see if it works out!

Send me healing thoughts. On top of working a few hours on Monday and Tuesday, Livi has preschool and dance, Sofie has Speech/OT class and music plus a pediatrician appointment and Support meeting. I have a Transition fair, a volunteer meeting, a quick dentist appointment to get my crown finished and then we have the weekend with swim lessons, Sofie’s Active Start, Family Pictures with Jon’s family and end Sunday with Sofie’s birthday party! I’m tired just thinking about it. I need to get rid of this heavy chest and cough and I think I can make it.

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