Pee Hills Pt. 1

You know that feeling you get when you drive really fast over a hill while sitting at the back of a van or bus? Or when you crest the top of a hill on a roller coaster and start going down? My family always called them “pee hills” because we feel like we have to pee… in a good way.

This last week and a half has been filled with “pee hills”. Life changing pee hills.

The end of the week before, I couldn’t sleep one night and happened upon I found a house in our neighborhood advertising a walk out 3 bedroom suite and 4 bedrooms up. Seemingly perfect. So we went and looked at it. It wasn’t quite as perfect as we thought so we decided to check out other homes in the area that had the potential to be perfect.

On Thursday, we found it. Our home. All of us agreed. It is a brand new home with a two bedroom walk out suite. Three bedrooms up with an open concept living area and a fourth bedroom downstairs for the front door.  We will build a third bedroom in half of the garage with a second bathroom for the suit as soon as possible for Mom and the ladies. We are giving up a huge yard but we kind of figured that would have to be sacrificed.

It has been all too easy. You might say God-lead even. The seller accepted our first offer on Sunday night and we listed our house at the same time. Tuesday we had our first and only showing and then sold our house! The buyer gave us the price we hoped for on the first bid! This was almost too easy. I keep expecting something to go horribly wrong. We are still waiting on subject removal at the end of this week for our home and then the one we are buying next week. With the way things have been falling in to place, I’m hoping everything continues as smoothly. As long as every thing goes through, moving day is June 5.

I’ll post some pictures once the subjects are removed.

Stay tuned for part 2…

3 thoughts on “Pee Hills Pt. 1

  1. Katie says:

    Our place is not laid out well at all. It is a converted BC box. The girls need to go through our room to get to the rest of the house, which is fine now but not in the future. Our kitchen has NO storage. My mom has no storage either. Plus, we want 4 bedrooms and now we only have 3. It is an old house on a huge lot so there is a lot of upkeep. Plus as Maggy and my mom get older stairs are getting harder for them. So, we'll be up with the 4 bedrooms and they'll have the 3 bedroom suite. It is all on ground level for them.

    I should address this in a post 🙂


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