It’s Been A While

I’ve been gone from my blog for a while. No real reason. We are just busy with the day to day stuff of parenting three children and all that that entails. Nothing too exciting to blog about I guess.

We’ve been enjoying the days of gorgeous weather and have been taking the girls to the park regularly. Evie had her first ride in a swing. She didn’t really care about it either way. She is such a chill baby. Sofie has been playing a lot better at the park. She climbs and explores now. She goes down the big slides by herself and even started going on the regular big kid swings too. The regular swings still scare me because if she did happen to let go she’d get pretty hurt, but she keeps asking to go higher.

Livi is still completely adoring of her baby sister. She can’t get enough. She’ll say she “has to go smother Evie now.” As soon as she knows Evie is awake, Livi MUST go to her. Livi is such a good big sister. Sofie too. I’m kind of amazed at how wonderful they are with their baby sister.

Livi is a sponge for knowledge lately. She wants to know everything from how a dentist does a root canal to the anatomy of a sea star. She has started reading words too. I need to monopolize on this more  but I am failing a bit. I don’t seem to find the time, but I need to make the time. She can do the monkey bars at the park, turn around on the bar at gymnastics and ride the rope swing, all things she couldn’t do a few months ago. She is also “quite the negotiator” as her swim instructor put it. She likes to make deals and compromise on EVERYTHING! She is also the MASTER dawdler now. She finds eighteen things to do before she does the thing we asked her to do in the first place. Super annoying. She has also been pushing some of the boundaries again. I suspect it is still a bit of the upset from the baby coming and having two parents home while Jon is on parental leave. She is usually quite delightful, but when she’s mad, the world knows it. 

Sofie has regressed in her own way… she wants to do what the baby does, especially this past month it seems. She tries to get in the Exersaucer, wants to be held like a baby and has even tried to breast feed. All things that I’m actually enjoying since she never got that as a baby. Her language is taking off in spurts and she is amazing us with how much she is actually understanding, even though she can’t communicate completely. This lack of communication has become very frustrating to her and she breaks down crying frequently out of frustration. It is hard, but she is doing great! She can say little sentences now like “it broke” and “more eat please”. She has come such a long way in such a short amount of time!

Jon is enjoying his time home but I think maybe starting to look forward to going back to work. He has said on a few occasions that he feels sorry for me for when he goes back to work. It is nice to hear 🙂 Hopefully he remembers how hard being at home is when he is actually back at work!

As for me, I’m enjoying life. Jon is really wonderful at letting me sleep in a little in the morning because I’m up in the night with Evie. I usually still need a nap but it sure helps! A luxury I won’t have when he is back to work. I’m loving this family time. We go to the park. We play with the kids a lot. We cook dinner together or take turns. We let each other have naps when they are needed. We let each other get out with out the kids when it is needed too. Granted being home together does illuminate some of our frustrations with each other a little more, like the fact that I always put the coffee cup he is using in with the dirty dishes even if he is still using it, but we deal with it, try to laugh and hopefully do better the next day.

I am blessed.

One thought on “It’s Been A While

  1. karynslater says:

    Your kiddos are so adorable. I always love seeing your pics and hearing your stories! And I hear you with the being busy with the day to day routine…I only have two little guys, and I feel like my hands are full…can't imagine with three right now:)
    You're doing a great job mama!


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